Psychotherapy and Counselling in South Wales

“Life can't be cured, but it can be managed.” 
- Ned Vizzini

People come to therapy for different reasons

There are times in everybody's life when difficulties feel to much to deal with. You may have situations or events that have caused this sense of struggle, ongoing issues or a sudden awareness that you are lacking fulfilment in life.  Issues from childhood could be preventing you from forming successful relationships or trauma could be keeping you from moving forward.
You dont have to struggle alone. 
Psychotherapy and Counselling can offer you the space to assess your situation and work with a person impartial to your troubles.

As a therapist I use my training and experience to provide you with an environment where you can speak and be listened to, raise your awareness and when necessary safely challenge your perceptions.

"Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not." 
- Arnold Beisser